About Us

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to be recognized nationally & internationally as the representatives for Environmental Excellence. Together, the participants in the Group will bring forward their best efforts, best ideas and eco-friendly technologies to reduce and manage the waste created.

Mission Statement

Develop & Diffuse sustainable products, technologies and services designed specifically topromote a green environment.

Core Values

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring.

Strategic Corporate Competence

Since our inception, AEGOPL has strived for economic, environmental and social balance in all of our activities by making a positive contribution to the wider society in which we operate. Our ambition is to provide safe and environmentally benign products and services, which contribute to a more sustainable use of resources.

Within the Group, our vast array of products/technologies and capabilities are organized into the following distinct organizational segments :


Aruls Environmental & Green Ozone Pvt Limited, henceforth AEGOPL, has identified MPM Technologies, Inc. as a target company for acquisition.

MPM is a publicly traded company under the symbol MPML in the United States. It was originally founded as a mining business in 1983 but has since diversified into the renewable energy and environmental sustainability industries. In 1986, the company formed Nupower, Inc. specializing in waste gasification technologies and in 1998 through the acquisition of AirPol, Inc. entered the air pollution control sector.

Between 1999 and 2001, MPM enjoyed its peak years with annual business volume reaching as much as $20 million fueled by strong management and substantial international growth. Though in the years following, MPM's business began to recede due to a shortage of opportunities for mining, gasification and the weakening of the market for AirPol's products and services.

However, in the last two years, the market potential and opportunities for all of MPM's business units have drastically increased due to the worldwide movement towards green energy and the reduction of carbon emissions, all of which are encompassed by MPM's core competencies. Furthermore, MPM mining stands to greatly benefit from the ever-rising price of gold and silver given its substantial reserve holdings. Unfortunately, MPM has not been in a position to reap the benefits from the sudden surge in these business opportunities, simply due to its lack of financial resources. In view of these highly favorable circumstances, MPM predicts that with the proper capital infusion, its business will grow exponentially in the coming years.

This report analyzes and summarizes MPM's present operating status, the market for its products, its future operating plan and the projection of future operating results, reaching the following conclusions :

After Completing the DD process AEGOPL will Immediate take actions to close the transaction and launch MPM business development in India and Asia.


Arul Environmental & Green Ozone Pvt Limited (AEGOPL) is a proprietary company looking to provide services in the fields of environmental sustainability and renewable energy. The company was registered in India on 20.12.2006.

The founder of this company, Dr. S. Arulrhaj, has a long history of successfully providing medical services in India. He is the former president of the Indian Medical Association, and is currently the President of the Commonwealth Medical Association in London.

Dr. Arulrhaj's personal interest in environmental services and his commitment to improving the world's environmental and energy picture grew out of his own medical background.

Dr. Arulrhaj runs a 100-bed hospital and is therefore responsible for the safe disposal of hospital waste. Based on his long time experience dealing with clinical waste, Dr. Arulrhaj believes that the correct way to dispose of waste is not just to destroy it, but to convert it into useful energy. He also firmly believes this Waste-to-Energy business will become the fastest growing business in the immediate future.

To date the company has been evaluating environmental and green energy technologies and products. These range from lifestyle products from Singapore, which provide clean drinking water, to waste- toenergy systems via waste gasification technologies from the US.

After spending a great deal of time looking at the opportunities to enter the waste to power and liquid fuel market, he concluded that the best approach to enter this market is via acquisition.

However the findings from a serious search for the suitable candidates had been disappointing :

The MPM acquisition opportunity appeared to be extremely attractive based on the following merits :

Since the initial contact made in October of 2009, the discussion with MPM Management has been progressing steadily and smoothly. A binding MOU was signed on December 25, 2009, recently amended on March 10, 2010 with the final closing scheduled for Sept 2011.