Reed Bed Technology

Water Treatment Plants. Waste water to Industrial & Drinking water. Reed Bed is a Proven Technology to convert sewage & other waste waters to Agriculture, Industrial & Drinking water projects. Technology is through UK partnering Team.

Certifications /Awards /Accomplishments

EAMSolution India Limited has set up a Centralized Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility at Palwal, State of Haryana to collect, transport, treat and dispose of the Biomedical wastes generated by the medical institutions located in the four districts of Haryana.

Business Initiative Directions has presented EAM Solution India Limited with the International Quality Crown Award '2005' in recognition of the commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation.

The principals of Vaibhav Plastics Bio-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have tested all the degradable properties of the bags at Government of India's topmost laboratory - National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. The National Toxicology Centre, Pune has tested the Bags for oral toxicity/toxicity as per USP Standards making it usable for food packing applications. Further, the product has been awarded the prestigious "Hari Malini Joshi Award '2000' and Rashtriya Ratan Award '2002' ".


AEGCPL is involved in creating complete system solutions to develop and re-establish a sustainable balance and manage core resources within the regions in which we work. In addition to providing a comprehensive energy, food, waste, and water management plan, our entire concept is based on the ability to build local and regional economies sustainably. We do this by creating jobs and supporting an integrated plan for quality of life improvements for the people of those regions. So let's look at what AEGOPL can do from several different viewpoints. From a technology perspective, AEGOPL works with over 250 companies and dozens of technology development groups to offer practically every current state-of-the-art solution available, as a well as a pipeline of future innovative solutions for creating renewable energy, raising food, and managing waste treatment and water needs.